Most people choose bicycle for transport to Polacksbacken.

The bicycle is the easiest means of transportation in Uppsala and the City of Uppsala has a bicycle map of bicycle lanes and places to fill your tires. Follow the links from that page to the map. The Folder Cycling in Uppsala provides  information concerning traffic rules.

Free air for your tires is available 

  • in the middle of building 2 at Information Technology Centre
  • at the gable of building 2 at Ångströmlaboratoriet
  • at building 1 south of Freia laboratory

The are more than 1453 bicycle stands at Ångström and 1188 at ITC which sum up to 2641 at Polacksbacken. They must be used properly in order to keep the way free for eventual emergency vehicles.

Polacksbacken is a bicycle friendly workplace

Polacksbacken have received a certificate of that we have met a number of criteria for being a bicycle-friendly workplace.

The certificate is outside the recepition.

The criteria are available here. 

Polacksbacken meets all one star and everyone except electric bike for two stars, and 3: 3 + 3: 7 + 3: 8 + 4: 1 + 4: 9

Cykelparkering vid Ångströmlaboratoriet