Telephone Service

Employees and units phones

Search in Organization and staff ( for phone numbers

Mobile telephony

Since the Ångström Laboratory has foreclosed electromagnetic radiation it may be difficult to use cell phones inside. Receiving varies greatly between different operators. IT coordinator Mikael Österberg can answer questions about mobile telephony in the Ångström Laboratory.

Internal telephone

An internal telephone connected to the university switchboard is available at the reception during opening hours.  

Conferense phone

Staff: see phone meeting in medarbetarportalen 

Door phones

At the main entrance and goods receipt are door phones. Visitors can via these reach employees with the internal phone number (last 4 digits).

Door phones at the entrance.
Door phone at the entrance.

 University Teleservice

Lost and found

In case you have lost something.

  • Please turn to the reception in Ångströmlaboratoriet and ask for it.
  • If you still miss your item after a few days, return to the reception and ask again.
    It normally takes days before lost items are found and handed over to the reception.
  • All found items is handed over to the Police after a while.