An incident is an event that could lead to illness or accidents. The incident reporting provides information about the risk of accidents in the workplace. The reports make it possible to take action before an accident happens. 

Reporting incidents 

Incidents should always be reported. To report incidents please use the incident form. Fill out and send to It then goes to the university's safety engineer. 

Incident form 

A copy of the incident report shall be saved at the department for actions in the systematic work environment program. 

Serious incidents and accidents 

Serious accidents or serious incidents must be reported directly to the Swedish Work Environment Authority
For instance, when an accident resulted in death or serious injury. The same obligation applies if several workers were affected the same time and at the incident that resulted in serious danger to life or health. The report may in some cases need to be supplemented by notification of work injury to Försäkringskassan.

In an emergency

Call (00) 112 when life, health or property are at immediate risk.

In serious incidents, call the
University’s emergency number
018-471 25 00.

Checklist for emergencies