Food hints

Lunch pack students bring

Information Technology Centre

Food can be heated in microwave ovens and eaten in the common rooms in the basement of building 1 and 2 at Information Technology Centre and at UTH-gård (building 73). There is also a few tables in hallways that may be used if you keep them clean. A third possibility to find a seat is on floor 5 in building 1 and 2.

Ångström Laboratory

There are microwave ovens in the common rooms in the basement in house 1. Check out the common room page.



Group activity rooms, reading spaces and common rooms.

Group activity rooms is reserved on the web.

These rooms can be booked for free by students for studies in smaller groups. 

Information Technology Center (ITC)

There are 9 Group activity rooms on second floor in house 2: Room number 1226 - 1242.

The corridors have tables and chairs for studies and group activities.

There are common rooms at UTH-gård/House 73 and in the basement of house 1 and 2. -This is where You can heat up food or drinks in the microwave ovens.

The student lockers are in the basement in house 1 and 2.

Showers are in the basement in house 1.

Informationsteknologiskt centrum karta


There are Group activity rooms in:

  • House 1 on ground level/floor 0, outside Siegbahnsalen.
  • House 8 on ground level/floor 0.
  • House 1 on second floor.


Common rooms

At Ångströmlaboratoriet You have microwave ovens, student lockers, showers, a resting room and more in the common rooms.
The common rooms are in house 1. If You have questions, please contact the reception.

Group activity rooms for students must be occupied with 15 min

Empty room may be used by any group 15 minutes after the start of a reserved time. 

Rooms to book

Empty classrooms can be used as group activity rooms for students until the booker reclaim the classroom.