The reception at the Ångströmlaboratoriet contributes with information and service to visitors, students and personnel.


Opening hours: 08.00 - 16.00 (interupted by lunch)
Receptionist: Kerstin Gädeke Eriksson
Telephone: +46 (0)18 - 471 31 03
Fax: +46 (0)18 - 471 58 93


  • Express/special deliveries, for example DHL, are reserved at the reception no later than 15.00 the actual day.
  • Among materials for sale are, empty CD/DVD, phonecards, exercise books and some course material. You can also buy Uppsala University merchandise and gift items.
  • Students can retrieve student certificates and some examination results.
  • Possible to borrow telephone for calls within the Angstrom Laboratory.


New student or employee

Newly employed and new students need to activate their User Account.

  • Employees usually get their one-time code of their employer / department / unit's staff administrator in connection with the recruitment process.
  • Students usually get their one-time code via Student Service at Ångström (adjacent to the Library on floor 1).
  • Employees and students can also retrieve one-time code via Card and key management, or the Reception at the Ångström Laboratory.

This information complements the information about the Campus Card and User Account that applies at Polacksbacken.

Lost and found

In case you have lost something.

  • Please turn to the reception in Ångströmlaboratoriet and ask for it.
  • If you still miss your item after a few days, return to the reception and ask again.
    It normally takes days before lost items are found and handed over to the reception.
  • All found items is handed over to the Police after a while.