Campus Management Board

The Board of the Campus Management concists of Department Heads, Division Directors/Heads and Student Representatives within Campus Polacksbacken.

Constitution of Campus Management Board


  • Head of Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Head of Department of Mathematics
  • Head of Department of Chemistry - Ångström laboratory
  • Head of Department of Engineering Sciences
  • Head of Department of Information Technology
  • Director of Tandem Laboratory
  • 1 Representative of Ångström Library, assigned by Head Librarian
  • 1 Representative of university administration units is assigned by the University Director
  • 1 Representative and 1 Deputy member of the students is assigned according to regulations. 

Right to attend and speak:

  • 1 Representative of the Faculty Board of Science and Technology
  • 1 Common Representative for the personnel organizations and the Campus manager. 

Internal information is available in Medarbetarportalen.