Reception of new students

The reception is a week full of joy and trials for our new students. Each and everyone who takes part in the activities has to respect our premises, inventory and personnel. The education and research must be able to continue without interference and that is why it´s important to obey the following rules:

  • You may not litter or destroy anything inside or outside the premises.
  • You may not bring alcohol to the Campus, and you may not drink alcohol at Campus Polacksbacken.
  • You may not eat or drink except in the assigned areas.

If these rules are not obeyed the Reception´s Committee has to organize the clean up and restoration, with or without the ruel breakers. Economic remedy may be charged.

  • You may not use the premises for sleeping in the night. Guards will throw out night visitors who do not work.
  • You may not let anybody unauthorized in to the premises. Your entry card may be withdrawn if you do.
  • You must behave with dignity in and around the premises. You represent the students at Polacksbacken to the many visitors from all around the world. They bring their impressions home when they leave, and your future and the University´s future depends on our good reputation in the surrounding world. Campus Polacksbacken is for you. Use it well.

    Have a nice reception!

    You are very welcome!

    The personnel at Campus Polacksbacken