Computer halls at Information Technology Center (ITC)

The systems Support group at the department for Information Technology provide information concerning the 9 computer halls at ITC right here. This is where you find information concerning machinery, software, ruels etc.

Computer halls at Ångström Laboratory

At Ångström Laboratory there are student computer halls for education aswell as for general use. The scheduled education is prioritized and other users have to find an unoccupied computer hall. If all computer halls are full other users may ask the teacher for permission to sit in the computer hall during class.

These are the computer halls at Ångström Laboratory:

Room Computer quantity Content
4102       20 PC computers with Windows                           
4103       16 PC computers with Windows
4104       16 PC computers with Windows
6K1107       33 PC computers with Windows
6K1101       31 PC computers with Windows

The computer halls are open 24-7 for authorized users with an entry card. To be able to log in to the computers you need an account at UpUnet-S.

Program students at the Master of Engineering and High school Engineering program, technology Baseryear, The Bachelor Masters Degree programs in Physics and Mathematics automatically get access on their entry cards. Students who study separate courses at Ångström Laboratory usually get automatic access to the computer halls. If you don´t have an entry card, contact janitors office.
Please note that access to the computer halls at Ångström Laboratory is only for active students. If you get an error message saying "Du tillåts inte logga in interaktivt" then you´re probably not registered at any course at Ångström Laboratory. If you still think that you should have access, please contact or go and see Ted or Mikael in room 1219.