Copying, printout and repro


The student copying machines at Ångström laboratory and Information technology center are connected to the printout system Korint.  The local running of Korint is managed by Porters office.

Binding and lamination at Ångström laboratory


Binding of reports, such as exams,  is made by Porters office/Reception. The binding is made with glue files with a see through front page. Flyleaf for exams are provided by Porters office (see link above).

For binding of exams, fill in this form: Beställning av, inbindning av exjobb.pdf and leave it at the UTH unit in A4-format.

For binding/lamination of other reports and more, fill in the form: Beställning av inbindning/laminering and leave it at the reception together with the material.

Binding costs: 20 SEK a piece. Lamination costs: 15 SEK a piece (Max A3)

Uppsala University’s Graphic Services

See staff information in on Repro and other printing services