Access, Campus cards and Keys

This service function manages and handles matters concerning admissions to facilities within Campus Polacksbacken.

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday: Time: 07:00 - 12:30 and 13:00 - 16:00
Friday: Time: 07:00 - 12:30 and 13:00 - 15:00
Location: The Ångström laboratory, north entrance, next to the reception. see map.
Phone: E-mailt: 018-471 58 91
Staff: Per-Åke Nyberg
Desirée Johansson

It is the institutions / units themselves who decide on who should be allowed access to their own premises. Only when this is done, this function of the Campus management can assign such access on Campus Card or leave out any keys.

There are also the institutions / units themselves who determines the criteria for how access to their own premises should be set, if e.g. want some doors to be unlocked at certain times or if doors should be locked and opened with Campus card. Or even Campus card and PIN code!
Access to the public / common areas are included in the general issue of Campus card and campus management decides on the criteria for admission to the general / common premises exterior doors.

All door sections against hallways and stairwells are usually fire cell doors with magnetic holder and these must not be set up with Wedge or other obstacles. It is of utmost importance that they can be closed in a fire situation. Door with magnetic holder must always be closed with the door close button.

Campus card

Here the Campus card is administered and manufactured for delivery to employees, students and other active. You are encouraged to submit your own photography, if you cannot or photography is not accepted please come to the card reception.

The Campus card is personal and programmed for you to enter rooms you have access to.
A person who unlocks and opens a door with Campus Card or key are responsible for whoever is passing the door in connection to this. Do you know the person/s and know that they are authorized it´s no problem, but if you do not know who they are, do not let them in! It is irresponsible let people in you do not know who they are or if they are authorized. However, it is responsible and to care for yourself, your colleagues and the activities to assure you that those who pass are authorized.

All cards that are lost should be reported and disabled so that the owner can be assured that it will not be misused in any way. When exiting a locked door with a card reader use the key button at the side of the door.

If you lose your Campus card:

If you find a Campus card:

  • Leave the Campus card to this service function as soon as possible ore place it in the nearest mailbox.

More information regarding Campus card can be found in the Staff Portal.

Campus Card

Coffee and some doors at the Ångström Laboratory

Campus card is also used for doors with Salto locks and some coffee machines. At some system updates, or if the card is not used for a long time, it could lose the access. If this occurs, you can update your card in a box diagonally down to the right of the reception desk. Hold the card to the box and it will be updated.

After switching to Campus Card your accesses in the "Salto" system remains in the old gray card. Contact us to move these to your Campus Card.

uppdatering av passerkort


Here you also pick up and receipt assigned keys, and returns them when time comes.