Information Technology Center

Complementary information on accessibility at Information Technology Center:

  1. There is no main entrance or reception at Information Technology Center, but the reception at Ångström Laboratory has some knowledge of Information Technology Center.
  2. There is Student office and Student councelling in house 4 on second floor.
  3. House 1-4-2 are interlinked by a passage on second floor.
  4. There is a hearing loop connected to the microphones in the Lecture Hall in house 6. Most of the other classrooms at Information Technology Center have hearing loop aswell but these classrooms require that someome fetches a loop amplifier and microphone from room 4118b in house 4. Classroom 1111, 1211, 1311 and 2446 do NOT have hearing loop equipment at all.
  5. Hearing aid for one (1) person with hearing loop function on his/hers own hearing device can be borrowed in the reception at Ångström Laboratory. The equipment concists of a receiver for the listener and a transmitter with microphone for the teacher/lecturer.
  6. The ground outside is covered with asphalt, except on the lawns.
  7. There are car parking for disabled persons outside house 1, 2, 5 and 6 (Rullan).
  8. The southern entrance in house 1, the northern entrance in house 2 and the western entrance in house 3 have an indoor elevator near by.
  9. There is a paved access ramp at house 4 up to the entrance with an indoor elevator near by. House 5 has an access ramp made of steel.
  10. There are no house phones or doorbells at Information Technology Center.
  11. Ask the Campus Manager if you have further questions about accessibility at Information Technology Center.