Active learning classroom 6K1113

6K1113 panorama
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In 6K1113 we have 

  • Space for 45 students at 5 runda tables.
  • Every table is equipped with
    • 6 computer connectors (The classroom is not equipped with computers.)
    • one TV-screen 
    • one whiteboard
    • microphones
  • A projector can display the image from any table or the teacher’s computer on a common screen. This is controlled from a panel.

Active learning

At this link you will find a film about the usage of an active learning classroom:
A page with hints about active learnining is available here.

During the springterm TUR will conduct inspiring workshops regarding possible usage of the active learning classroom.


Welcome to book the classroom (through your “schemaläggare”) and exchange your experiences!

Reservations today in 6K1113.