The history of Polacksbacken

Polacksbacken was the camping ground for the Regement of Uppland from 1680 until 1912 when the regement moved into the newly built barracks on Polacksbacken.  Seventy years later, in 1982 the Regement/S1 moved to Enköping.

Since the Regement had moved to Enköping the barracks were rebuilt, and in 1987 the late Department of Computing Science and ADP along with the late Department of Computer Systems moved in.

The location Polacksbacken is in 1663 referred to as Pålack Backen and in 1666 as Polacksbaka. The actual name might come from the crowning of the polish king Sigismund in 1594.

The history of Ångström Laboratory

Ångström Laboratory was primarily built to make room for a "clean room"and was officialy opened in 1997. It has its name after Anders Jonas Ångström and his son Knut Ångström, both of them professors of Physics at Uppsala University in the 19th century. The southern part of Ångström Laboratory ("stage 2") was ready in 2000, and six years later house 7. "FREIA Laboratory" was established in 2013 between house 5 and 7.

The opening of Information Technology Center

The Information Technology Center was officially opened for Uppsala University 1992-10-10 but at that time, the late Department of Computer Systems and the late Department of Computing Science and ADP had already resided in the premises for approximately 5 years.

Historical map over Information Technology Center

The houses were built in the area for the purpose that their names suggests.

House 1, 2 and 3 were lodgings for military servicemen to sleep in.

House 4 was the house for the officers.

House 5 was the gymnasium.

The Camping Huts 29 and 63 are mobile houses made for housing when the regement took the field.

House 49 was built during the ravages of the Spanish flue.

The book Polacksbacken, En gammal lägerplats from 1982 (The military moved out in 1982) tells the story of the area and the buildings. ISBN 91-7260-640-1.

English translation of the Swedish names of the buildings:

1. Infantryman                       13. Stable & Wagon shed   59. Laundry house

2. Trooper                              15. Lockup                       63. Camping hut

3. Signaller                             17 - 19. Non Commissioned Officers houses

4. Imperial Orb                       25. Store                         73. Old hospital

5. Register                             29. Camping hut               85. School building

6. List (Food institution)           40. Cooking house            89. Shoe smithy

7. Sauna (bath & laundry)       49. Corpse shed

8. Barber-surgeon (hospital)    50. Cooking house