Ångström Laboratory

Ångström Laboratory is named after two professors at Uppsala University, Anders Jonas Ångström and his son Knut Ångström.

Anders Jonas Ångström Knut Ångström
Anders Jonas Ångström Knut Ångström

Anders Jonas Ångström (1814-1874)
Made significant effort within several areas of physics, but is most known as a co-founder of the optical spectroscopy. He introduced an unit for light wavelength, which later on was adopted as an international standard under the name 1 angstrom (1 angstrom = 0,1 nm). His signature constitutes the Angstrom Laboratory logotype and can be seen in the left menu of these pages.

Knut Ångström (1857-1910)
Son to Anders Jonas Ångström, devoted a great deal of his research to solar radiation, especially the solar constant. He was a very skilled constructor of scientific instruments and the pyrheliometer, used for measurements of the solar radiation intensity, was adopted as an intenational standard in 1905.

In the modern physics of today there are constant specialisations in progress. It is no longer possible, like Anders Jonas or Knut Angstrom, to be a master of the whole wide area of physics. Nowadays "father and son Angstrom" are replaced by groups of scientists who niche by niche encompass the area of physics and contributes to an effective cooperation. They are very well aware of the connection to other fields of science and the importance of collaboration with areas like chemistry, biology, medicine, mathematics and so on. After all, when it comes to the bottom line, all scientists are working with the same materia.

An exihibition about Ångström can be seen in house 1, floor 1, at the Angstrom Laboratory.

Text: Translated to english from original text by professor em. Olof Beckman