Error reporting at Polacksbacken Campus

Things break or stops working properly. Everyone needs to assume responsibility and report any errors that are discovered. The report should be sent directly to the proper unit. The following guide can help you find which unit is responsible for the problem. If you still do not know which unit is responsible, Campus Management can always help you take the first step.


Buildings and permanent installations are reported to the property owner. Permanent installations refers to fixed technical features such as sewage, electricity, lifts, cooling, heating and ventilation, water, and interior furnishings in bathrooms, WCs and changing rooms. This includes permanent kitchen equipment in kitchenettes, lunch rooms, coffee rooms and dining rooms, but not coffee machines. Doors and frames, automatic door openers in exterior doors and public spaces, and electric locks in exterior doors are handled by the property owner, but not card readers or electric locks in interior doors. Blackout curtains, emergency lighting, outdoor and stairwell lighting, fire alarms and some fire extinguishers is included. In winter the property owner provides sanding and snow removal.

The Ångström laboratory

• Report errors via Akademiska Hus’s online form or the app "Mitt Campus"
• Emergency errors can be reported through an on-call number: 010-557 24 00

Information Technology Centre (from the 1st of June, 2021)

• Report errors via Hemsö Kronåsen AB online form
• Emergency errors can be reported through an on-call number: 0771-777 111

  • the building number
  • location (i.e. department, WC, office)
  • room number (available on door post)
  • description of the problem
  • name and telephone or e-mail of the person reporting the problem for feedback


• Report an error to Campus Management by e-mail to
• Emergency problems can be reported to Johnny Karlberg (018-471 5892 or 0704-25 06 62), Goods Reception (018-471 5899), or Keys- and Card Services (018 - 471 5891).

Campus Management handles all materials that are not attached, such as furniture and other interior furnishings, loose outdoor furniture, signs, digital information screens and other informational material. It replaces fluorescent lamps and other indoor light sources. Campus Management also takes care of lock cylinders and keys and technical systems such as AV projectors, access card systems with card readers, alarms and electric locks in automatic door openers in internal doors. Malfunctioning card readers for Rate 2 parking and some fire extinguishers also are reported to Campus Management.


Employees can administer passwords and other information by logging on to their user account. Guests can contact for computer support and assistance with guest accounts.

Centrally administered IT systems are handled by University IT Services. Call 018-471 4400 or send an e-mail to

For students and staff at Uppsala University and for researchers and visitors from other universities and higher education institutions.

Uppsala University has a wireless network (UU-Guest) for visitors. Visitors can create an account that is valid for 24 hours. The network only provides access to the internet.

The visitor needs to have a mobile phone to which a username and password is sent by text message. Visitors connect their devices to the network and are automatically shown a self-service page where a 24-hour account can be created. After 24 hours the visitor can acquire a new account in the same way.

Students who want to copy, print or scan documents on any of the printers at Polacksbacken need an access card, which is then linked to eduPrint. Instructions for students can be found here. Information for employees about printing and copying via eduPrint is available in the Employee Portal.

If you have problems or questions about eduPrint, you can contact your local IT support desk for practical help. IT-Service Desk can also answer questions and provide help with instructions for installing the eduPrint software. Call 018-471 4400 or send an e-mail to

What if a printer runs out of paper?
Paper is loaded by a service partner according to a schedule based on expected consumption. If paper runs out, you can load it yourself. There is extra paper at most printers. If there is no paper, turn to Campus Management, which can handle emergency refills if the paper runs out between scheduled refills.


Since October 2019, University IT Services are installed to managed all IT support at Uppsala University.

How do I get help on campus?

  1. First try to find the answer to your question on the employee portal.
  2. Send a question to
  3. Problems with central systems are handled by the IT-Service Desk:
    - 018-471 4400 (for urgent questions)

When you call or send an email to the above e-mail addresses, a case is created in our  system and a technician will contact you.

NOTE: IT support for employees at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics is handled by Jan Karlsson.


Coffee Machines
All departments are responsible for their own coffee machines or other solutions. Jobmeal Sverige is responsible for operation and maintenance of the coffee vending machines in the departments’ common lunchrooms on floors 3 and 4 of Ångström Laboratory (Building 1), which includes full service with daily supervision and refilling of coffee, tea and paper cups. Errors or problems are reported directly to JOBmeal by phone: 010-160 99 99.

Cleaning Services
The Building Division coordinates Uppsala University cleaning; information on cleaning can be found in the Employee Portal.

Report inadequate cleaning or the need for extra cleaning to the senior custodial technician for the Polacksbacken cleaning area, Eva Blomqvist. If you need a vacuum cleaner, contact the Janitor’s Office or Goods Reception.

The parking areas on Campus Polacksbacken are administered by Aimo Park. In case of faulty charging or broken parking ticket machines, contact Aimo Park at 0771-96 90 01 or through their website. In case of malfunctioning of the card reader for Rate 2, contact Campus Management.

Roads, local public transport & public spaces
If you discover a problem or wish to submit comments on traffic and outdoor surroundings outside Campus Polacksbacken, such as streets, cycle paths, snow removal and lighting, you can contact Uppsala Kommun.

If you experience problems with local public transport, you can contact UL Customer Service at 0771-14 14 14 through their website or at

Last modified: 2021-06-10