Temporary rules for parking

To make it easier for employees and students to avoid public transport during the pandemic there is an option for Akademiska Hus tenants to use the parking spaces for free. In order to verify that you are entitled to free parking one of these options should be visible in your car:

  1. Special permit for Uppsala university
  2. Permit from Aimo Park "Giltig med Taxa 2 biljett"
  3. Free parking ticket from the parking meter. Use your access card with the reader to get a free ticket. You can also get a free ticket from the mobile app, see instructions by the ticket machine.

ITC area
From the 1st of June 2021 Hemsö Kronåsen AB is the new property owner of the ITC area and its parking spaces. They announce that the temporary rules above will also be applied for the parking spaces at the ITC area until the 31st of August. We can also use the parking spaces for temporary guests until then.


Overview of New Ångström. Click the image for a larger version.

The main parking areas are located at the southern entrance to Ångström, at the ITC area and in the newly built car park at Grindstugan.

Parking fee

Parking meters are located at the car parks with rates posted. You can use the mobile app "Mobilpark" to get a digital ticket. A valid access card allows you to buy a ticket at a reduced price (Taxa 2). The digital parking ticket is also available in taxa 2.
Tickets issued in accordance with "Taxa 2" at Polacksbacken are also valid in other parking lots at Uppsala University that belong to Akademiska Hus, though some of them require a special permit. For car parks that belong to other entities (such as the National Property Board Sweden), these tickets are not valid.

Temporary visitors

There are 7 parking spaces at the entrance of the ITC area an 6 spaces at the south entrance of the Ångström laboratory for temporary visitors. A specific ticket is required for guest parking and it's available in the reception. NOTE: For a guest parking ticket to be issued, the person being visited must notify the reception about the guest in advance.

Disabled persons

Parking for people with disabilities is available at the southern entrance to Ångström Laboratory and at buildings 1, 2 and 6 at the Information Technology Centre.

Parking Subscription

It is possible to buy long-term subscriptions (by the month, half year, full year) for parking. Tickets for up to two weeks can be purchased at the ticket machine. For longer periods and for engine heater locations, contact the Aimo Park parking company.

Last modified: 2021-06-08